Frequently Asked Questions

How to take a sample of Gasoline at a Gas Station properly

Sampling rules are set out in GOST(State Standards) 2517-2012.

Often, gas stations require the use of a specialized metal container. The main requirement is the use of a clean, dry container with an airtight lid.

If you have any questions about sampling, please contact the laboratory staff +7 (3852) 20-31-75.

Taking a sample of gasoline requires care and adhering to a certain sequence of actions.

Here are some tips on how to properly take a gasoline sample:

  1. Check that the necessary equipment is available: disinfectant solution, sterile sample collection container, replacement gloves, tools for marking the sample.
  2. Check the level of gasoline in the tank: it must be at least 10 cm above the sampling point.
  3. Remove the rod from the sampling gun and wash it with a disinfectant solution, then rinse it with water and dry.
  4. Put on replacement gloves.
  5. Open the sampling hole cover on the column.
  6. Insert the rod into the hole and let it sink to the bottom of the tank.
  7. Gently pull the rod out a few centimeters and wait a few seconds for the gasoline samples to fill the container.
  8. Remove the rod, rinse it abundantly in a disinfectant solution, then in water and dry it.
  9. Close the sampling hole cover.
  10. Label the gasoline sample container with an appropriate label that indicates the date and time the sample was taken.
  11. Take the sample to the appropriate laboratory for analysis.

It is important to follow the indicated instructions and take samples correctly to obtain accurate analysis results.