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Define analysis

  • Детальный углеводородный анализ методом газовой хроматографии (количественный анализ)
  • ММА в бензинах (объемная доля монометиланилина)
  • Бензол
  • Смолы( в бензинах, фактические, промытые)
  • Кинематическая вязкость при температуре 70-100°C
  • Кинематическая вязкость при температуре 30-70°C
  • Кинематическая вязкость при температуре ниже 30°C
  • Давление насыщенных паров
  • Вода, массовая доля по ГОСТ 2477
  • Вода, массовая доля по Карлу Фишеру (EN ISO 12937:2000)
  • Температура вспышки в открытом тигле
  • Плотность тёмных НП
  • Плотность светлых НП
  • Седиментационная устойчивость
  • Температура помутнения
  • Температура застывания, температура потери текучести тёмных НП
  • Температура застывания, температура потери текучести светлых НП
  • Смазывающая способность
  • Цетановое число
  • Цетановый индекс
  • Октановое число по моторному методу
  • Октановое число по исследовательскому методу
  • Фракционный состав
  • Сера, массовая доля
  • Температура вспышки в закрытом тигле
  • ПТФ (Предельная температура фильтруемости)
  • Металлы в нефтепродуктах (железо, марганец, никель, ванадий, цинк)

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standard solutions

Automobile fuel

Determination of
fuel quality indicators

Solvents and petroleum products

Determination of composition and quality characteristics

Dark petroleum products and oils

Analysis of oil, fuel oil, vacuum gas oils, motor oils

Fuel additives

Development of recipes and selection of dosages

Oil depots and oil refineries

Incoming quality control and certification

Gas stations and suppliers

Quality check for compliance with the attached documentation

For the farmers

Preserving engine life by checking fuel quality

Small businesses and individuals

Individual approach to solving assigned tasks

дугаIR Fourier spectrometer “FT-801” is designed to record the absorption spectra of solid, liquid and gaseous substances  in the near and mid-IR regionUniversal single-cylinder engine unit for determining the octane number of gasoline by motor and research methodsAutomatic analyzer for determining the cetane number of diesel fuel "Cetane"Complex for determining the lubricity of diesel fuels HFFR "Lubrication DF" Designed to determine the lubricity  of diesel fuels in accordance with ISO 12156-1:2016, GOST ISO 12156-1-2012. Automatic device PTF-LAB-12 is designed to determine the limiting filterability temperature on a cold filter  in accordance with GOST 22254-92, GOST R 54269-2010, GOST EN 116-2013, ASTM D6371, IP309 and other similar standards  in the temperature range from -67°C to room temperature.


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CEO of the fuel company Dandelion. The client of the Petrochemical Laboratory Neftekhim-Expert HimExp

Constant checking of fuel quality in the Neftekhim-Ekspert laboratory will reduce vehicle repair costs by up to 40%

дугаThe spectrometer is designed to determine the content of elements in the range from Na to U in substances that are in solid,  powder, dissolved states, as well as deposited on surfaces or deposited on filters. ARN-LAB-03 is an apparatus that determines the fractional composition of light and dark oil products. The determination of the  composition is carried out at atmospheric pressure according to approved methods in accordance with GOST. Automatic analyzer for determining the cetane number of diesel fuel "Cetane"Universal single-cylinder motor unit for determining the octane number of gasoline by motor and research methodsХроматографы "Хроматэк - Кристалл 5000" в унифицированном исполнении открывают новый этап в развитии серии газовых хроматографов СКБ "Хроматэк".

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Why is it important to use high-quality automobile fuel?

Using high-quality fuel helps ensure reliable engine operation, reduce repair costs, increase productivity and reduce harmful emissions, which has a positive effect on both the budget of the car owner or enterprise and the health of the environment.


Why do you need to know the fractional composition of fuel?

Fractional composition is the main indicator of fuel volatility. The combustion rate of diesel fuel directly depends on the content of light fractions in it - the lower the initial boiling and distillation temperature at 10% vol., the faster the fuel burns.


Why does the iron content in gasoline damage the engine?

The iron content in gasoline inevitably leads to various engine problems. This element may be present in fuel as a result of the use of iron additives. By accumulating on the surfaces of parts such as pistons, valves, rings and cylinders, iron leads to wear and damage, increased fuel consumption, and in some cases, engine failure.


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