LLC «Neftekhim-Expert», hereinafter referred to as Executive, in the person of Konstantin Alexandrovich, director of Goncharov, operating on the basis of the Charter, undertakes to provide, under the Treaty, services for testing the quality of petroleum products at based on the order of the Customer under the following conditions:

1. Subject of the contract

1.1. The Customer assigns on the basis of the order, and the Contractor assumes the obligation to perform on the basis of Contract-offer, placed on the website of the organization https:/, to determine the actual indicators of quality oil products in accordance with the established field of activity and the laboratory’s test methods.

1.2. Quality tests and analysis of petroleum products are performed by the Contractor in accordance with the requirement of the normative documentation on oil products, or other ways and methods in agreement with the customer. The Contractor is entitled use the obtained data and test results in an impersonal form for personal needs, systematization, scientific and research objectives, development of new products and compositions based on them.

2. Order of application. Payment for services

2.1. The order from the Customer is accompanied by a package of normative documentation for the examined product, which can be sent in electronic form, placed in a personal account on the Contractor’s website or handed over when handing over samples. Sample must be selected, marked according to the current regulatory documentation. Customer bears risk violations of the sampling procedure, their compliance with the normative documentation provided to the Contractor for the product, compliance with the conditions of selection and temperature during the delivery period. These parameters may affect the the final result of the research. The sample must be delivered by the Customer to the place of rendering of services: Altai Territory, g. Barnaul, Str. Far, 11, or Pl. im. V. N. Bavarian, 2, of. 911.

2.2. The Contractor has the right to refuse to accept and test petroleum products and substances of unknown origin, that may harm the health of employees, the property of the organization or damage laboratory equipment, as well if the physical and chemical characteristics and performance of the oil product are not acceptable under the working conditions test equipment or test methodology.

2.3. The cost of service for each order of the Customer is determined on the basis of the current at the time of ordering price list for laboratory services. Payment of services for each specific order is made by the Customer by transfer to the current account of the Executor of cash in a non-cash way in the amount of 100% of the prepayment. The date of payment is considered date of receipt of funds to the personal account of the Contractor.

2.4. Customer within 7 days after placing the order must make 100% advance payment to the Contractor’s account in the amount of Expected scope of work in accordance with the price list of the Contractor. After the expiration of the specified period in the absence of The order is cancelled and the sample designed for testing, if available, is disposed of. In case the order is will be re-issued, but during this time the price list will be changed, the invoice will be inserted with the new cost tests.

3. Terms and conditions of service

3.1. Term of service - determined by the Contractor depending on the number of samples and the complexity of tests. The Contractor will start providing services only if there is a prepayment. Approximate period from 1 (1) to 5 (5) working days from the moment of receipt of samples by the Contractor for each order of the Customer. In case of chromatographic or Such studies shall be scheduled by the Executive. If urgent Tests or outside regular working hours (as agreed and provided by the Contractor opportunities) the cost of services is to be paid twice.

3.2. The term may be extended unilaterally by the Contractor to 10 (ten) working days or more in the case of planned or unscheduled maintenance and/or repair of equipment involved in the test.

3.3. If, in the course of the work, it is determined that a negative result is unavoidable or that it is not appropriate further research, the Contractor has the right to suspend the provision of services, informing about it Customer via telephone, postal and other means of communication within 1 (one) business day after suspension. B In such a case, the Parties shall be obliged, within 5 (5) days from the date of notification, to decide whether or not to further research, with an additional written agreement. If accepted The Parties to the decision on the termination of tests, the Customer is obliged to pay the Contractor the actual services rendered either incurred costs.

3.4. Based on the results of the conducted studies, the Contractor informs the Customer of the results of the conducted tests by providing the received data and/or test report via personal account on the website of the Contractor or electronically Mail. Obligations of the Contractor are considered fulfilled from the moment of placing the results in a personal account or directions to their Customer.

3.5. After all tests specified by the Customer in the order, a sample of the oil product (or other sample) are disposed of. Sample residues can be stored on a reimbursable basis according to the price list in a container at the warehouse of the Contractor The customer, if there is a storage mark in the order or be returned to the Customer in person, or at the address specified by him, if All delivery costs are borne by the customer.

4. Order of service delivery

4.1. The Customer shall be obliged within 2 (two) working days from the day of receipt of the data and/or minutes from the Contractor to accept the results of services rendered, as well as to sign the certificate of acceptance of services rendered and universal Transfer document (hereinafter referred to as CCD). CCDs and acts of provided services can be signed by the parties using Electronic digital signatures within the electronic document management system.

4.2. Obtaining results that do not meet the Customer’s expectations cannot be grounds for refusal to accept services rendered and refund of payment.

*5. Liability of Parties

5.1. The Contractor and the Customer are liable for the failure to fulfill or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6. Force - major

6.1. In the event of force majeure and other circumstances, including equipment failure, necessary for rendering services to the Customer, independent of the will of the Parties, they are exempt from liability for failure to perform the obligations assumed if within 10 days of the occurrence of such circumstances and The Party affected by their influence shall notify the other Party the event (force majeure).

7. Duration of contract and other terms

7.1. The contract enters into force from the date of placement on the website of the Contractor and is valid until the moment of replacement by the new version.

7.2. The contract is an offer, when signing the Agreement, or placing an order and/or paying for the services of the Customer Subscribes to the terms and conditions of the interaction published on the website https:/ The contract may be changed Contractor and posted on the Site in the new edition. Parties agree that when placing orders and submitting applications to them legal relations will be applied the actual form of the Agreement and price for the services placed on the Contractor’s website at the time of payment for services. The customer independently monitors the change of versions of the Agreement on the site of the Contractor and, by placing an order, accepts its terms.

7.3. The contract and other documents relating to the Agreement may be signed by the parties on paper, by exchange scanned copies by e-mail, indicated in the personal account of the Customer on the site of the Contractor and/or in the Order. Parties will recognize the validity of such documents as originals, with the subsequent possible exchange of their originals. Parties may sign any documentation in connection with the performance of the Contract using electronic means document circulation.

7.4. Any disputes and disagreements that may arise between the Parties on matters not resolved in the text of the Treaty will be resolved by negotiation on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in the event of not achieving in the Arbitration Court of the Altai Territory.

7.5. In everything else that is not provided for in this Agreement, the Parties shall be guided by the general provisions on contracting ( Articles 702-729 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), provided that this does not contravene articles 779-782 of the Civil Code governing reimbursable services, current legislation of the Russian Federation.