Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the use of this website managed by LLC «Neftekhim-Expert», Russia (hereinafter «Neftekhim-Expert Laboratory»).

Data Processing

Neftehim-Expert Laboratory respects the privacy rights of website visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting their personal data. Visitors do not need to transfer their laboratory Neftekhim-Expert personal data for use of this website. At the same time, when visiting this website, the internet browser of each visitor transmits to the laboratory servers Petrochemical-Expert certain information, including date and time of visit, name of requested file, web page, c of which comes the user, the state («Transaction completed»), the web browser used and the operating system, The device IP address and the size of the data to be transmitted. The data is stored in the connection logs for limited time to ensure the security and proper operation of the website as well as to collect statistical data information.

Getting Information

When you visit this website, we determine the IP address from which you came to us (for example, "") and country of registration of this ip, and also record all visitor transitions from one page of the website to another.

The information we receive on the website can be used to facilitate the use of the website. The website only collects general information that your browser provides voluntarily when you visit the website.

The website uses the standard "cookies" ("cookies") technology to customize the website’s display styles to match the settings the monitor screen. "Cookies" is the data from the website, which saves on the hard drive of your own computer. "Cookies" contains information that may be necessary to configure the Site - to save your settings options for viewing and collecting statistical information on the Site, i.e. which pages you visited, what was downloaded, the name the domain of the ISP and the country of the visitor, as well as the addresses of third-party websites from which the migration to the Site et seq.

Yandex/Rambler/Google counters installed on the Site also use this technology.

User Messages

If you send an e-mail or other communication to the Nefthim-Expert laboratory The Nefthim-Expert can save this message to process your request. Most email messages is removed after responding to them. If the Neftekhim-Expert laboratory has a legal obligation to disclose information obtained from users, in the judicial or administrative process, Neftekhim-Expert Laboratory Take all necessary measures to remove personal data from disclosures where possible.