Fuel additive formulas development

fuel additives

Fuel additives are components that are added to fuel to improve its properties. They are used for various purposes - increasing the octane number of gasoline, improving temperature and operational characteristics and diesel fuel, reduction carbon formation in the engine, etc.

Dandelion Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Additives

For example, one of the most common additives for gasoline is methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), which is added to increasing octane number. Octane number is a measure of a fuel's resistance to detonation inside the engine. This occurs due to uniform and efficient fuel combustion.

Anti-wear, detergent and antioxidant additives are added to reduce carbon formation and increasing the durability of engine system parts. Added substances help remove deposits on valves, pistons, spark plugs ignition and other mechanisms, and, as a result, engine performance improves and fuel consumption is reduced.

Each of the listed additives corrects a certain indicator. However, not all additives are safe, so if you want to improve one indicator, they may suffer other operational properties of the fuel.

In general, fuel additives used to improve fuel quality and performance, but also It is worth remembering that an incorrectly selected additive and its dosage can negatively affect the performance of your car.

In laboratory conditions, it is possible to develop fuel additives that meet the individual requirements of the equipment used in your enterprise.