To determine the quality of automotive oils in the laboratory of Neftekhim-Expert Barnaul

Dark petroleum products and oils

Fuel oil, diesel fuel, bitumen, lubricating oils are oil products with a high density and recognizable dark color. The range of their application is wide and the issue of quality, safety of use and compliance with the standards of this type of oil products is always topical.

To determine physical and chemical properties of dark oil products

The simplest example: low-quality oil can lead to engine failure, as it does not protect mechanisms from friction and wear. Labour-consuming, lengthy and expensive repairs are inevitable.

Determination of the chemical composition and properties of dark petroleum products, such as viscosity, density, flash point, etc. is possible only under laboratory conditions.

The data obtained is necessary to identify specific properties of the products, among which one can name potential energy value, the possibility of use in various industries, etc.

Identification of the presence of contaminants and impurities that adversely affect the quality of dark oil products and their safety, is also carried out as a result of special laboratory studies.

The possibility of developing new methods for the disposal of petroleum products and oils in order to reduce the harmful effects on the environment is the task which is indirectly solved with the help of a set of data obtained from the petrochemical laboratory.

Manufacturers of automobiles, machinery for agricultural, the construction industry and other manufacturing industries guarantee the reliable operation of mechanisms only with the use of high-quality fuel and lubricants.

The easiest and most reliable way to avoid extensive engine repair costs and downtime due to malfunctions is to conduct a laboratory analysis of samples of fuel, oils and other types of dark oil products in advance.